Saturday, April 28, 2012

Scoring marks in VTU engineering made easy!!!

The most important thing to know about VTU is that studying and learning are two very different things here. I have seen my batch topper working for a Service based company, earning up a meager pay and a friend who surely had at least 3 backs every sem(yeah, I said at least :)), working for a much bigger company and earning way more.
Lets accept the fact, great companies do ask for great aggregate but here is the good news, scoring in VTU is not all that difficult. :) . A month of serious study before the exam if presented in the right way can fetch you as high as 75% in a Sem and yeah that's not too bad. :P. 
Time to spill the beans, I will share with you a few ideas so as to score easily:

1. Remember Vidya Balan's famous dialogue in Dirty Picture, Film sirf ek chiz par chalti hain "Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment". In not so different way, the most important factor is Presentationpresentation, presentation. Very surprisingly, this is what we ignore, assuming that engineering being a professional course, would have professional teachers and a fair evaluation. But this is far from reality. The teachers are highly professional but in all the wrong way and work only to make quick buck. There have been many instances where many of us got to the tune of 30-35 marks in revaluation. How sad!!!!
                 How do we make this presentation better?? Its no rocket science, remember the rules taught to us for our 10th Standard exams, the same holds good here as well.  Ideally, the first 2 pages of your answer booklet will set the stage, so be careful and avoid any scratches, stupid answers, self-assumed stories and anything which is not present in the Text book.

2. The second most important thing is Underlining the important key words, I have come across lot of instances where real bull crap was written but only a few important keywords were underlined. Guess what?? Oh!! you got it right :) it fetched a whopping 8 on 10 most of the time. :D:D From what I know, the evaluation is done based on a schema, which emphasizes on a few mandatory keywords in an answer and if by any means you get them, you have just made your tasks easier.

3. Write in points, many of the examiners still stick with the conventional mentality of "the bigger, the better " so if you have got your initial 2 pages right, there is a very high chance that they will just skim your paper and give you handful of marks.

4. Choose the Units carefully, it doesn't matter which one you choose, at the end all of them fetches you the same marks, so choose them smartly. An ideal way is to prepare 4 units perfectly and to read one 10 marks question from the 5th unit. Writing for 90, you stand a very good chance of landing up 70-75. 

 This is all for now, hope you find it useful. I will come back with more ideas and short cuts to assist you in practicals and internals. Watch out for more!!!

I finally got over my laziness and penned down a very tiny post about which units to choose for data structures. Hope you would like it. Which units to choose for data structures exam.

For all of us who are in 5th sem and are struggling with this sad and dry subject called Software Engineering, have a look Which units to choose for Software Engineering exams.


  1. You Are awsum n jugaaru too ;)

  2. what all subjects a student must know .., to get selected in campus for cs branch

    1. Focus a lot on DataStructures, Algorithms, One programming language(c, Java, Ruby, php...).Try to get a hang of puzzles and some quantitative aptitude.

  3. if i write own answers will they give marks..

    1. Yeah they will. It is not important and feasible too to mug up the textbook. Just write it in the right format and ensure you get the keywords highlighted :).

      Good luck!!


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